About Us

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Eight years ago a blog was started to fill a void that existed in reporting local political news in Orange County. That void now exists again in all of Southern California. Our blog is looking to post about news, analysis, public policy, and government relations. These posts will be on topics at the national, statewide, and local levels of government.

Our goal is not to add to the massive amount of negativity on the internet. We are instead looking to write in a manner that is fact based and focuses on providing great content that can sometimes be thought provoking. Always feel free to contact us with recommendations for posts and suggestions for the site. We love all opportunities to connect with our readers.

Addressing the elephant in the room, this website is owned by the creators of a public affairs firm. We will always disclose in our posts when we are writing about a topic that has any ties to a client. Other authors on this website will be required to disclose any potential conflict of interest that they might have as well.

Unlike some other sites, our blog will not allow for any of our authors to post anonymously. Over the coming weeks, we look forward to adding to our list of authors and are very excited about this project.