Single Payer Doesn’t Work

A patient of mine came in today to get his blood pressure checked and obtain a refill on his medication. He is a Vietnam Veteran – Army Airborne. During the appointment, he mentioned that he tried to get his medications at the local VA Hospital but the soonest appointment was 6 weeks off. Also, his pharmacy rarely had his medicine in stock – Instead, he chooses to pay to come see me.

You see, we have a current model of single payer government healthcare called the VA Healthcare system. It has over 1,200 healthcare facilities that are serving over nine million enrolled veterans every year. This system is failing spectacularly. So much so that President Trump enacted a law to allow veterans to go outside the VA system to get care, if the wait is too long. Despite the long history of poor service and care through the VA Healthcare System, Washington bureaucrats seem to think that the answer is to nationalize our entire healthcare system. Typical of DC – the answer to a failing government program is more government.

Perhaps there is a better way – tune in next time for some policy prescriptions to improve our American Healthcare system.

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