Democrats Take On Facebook. However…

After Donald Trump was found to have won the Presidency in 2016 we saw a lot of people shouting about Russian interference on Facebook and other online platforms. I don’t disagree that technology can go haywire as I posted about in my article that outlined the problems with choosing to use an app to track results in Iowa. We have seen Democrats challenge Facebook during various stops on the campaign trail. In the effort of full disclosure, I own shares of Facebook stock.

Bernie Sanders in an article on Vox was very critical of Facebook and Google specifically. From the article, In a Columbia Journalism Review op-ed, Sanders writes that if he’s elected, his Justice Department would police those two behemoths with stronger antitrust enforcement, saying that Google and Facebook are ‘using their enormous market power to cannibalize, bilk, and defund news organizations’.”

Elizabeth Warren has also been very critical of Facebook throughout her campaign. In an article from NBC News, Warren makes it clear that she is not a fan of the social media giant. From this article, “Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., ramped up her criticism of Facebook this weekend, taking aim at the company’s policy on political advertising and for having “contributed” to media job losses.”

Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren have been two of the more vocal critics of Facebook during the 2020 election. However, they have spent an incredible amount of money on advertising on Facebook. Here is a chart of all Presidential candidates and the amount of money they have spent in Facebook ads:

Candidate Amount Spent Since May 2018 
Donald Trump $                            31,952,234.00
Bernie Sanders $                              8,529,743.00
Elizabeth Warren $                              8,117,237.00
Pete Buttigieg $                              7,575,148.00
Joe Biden $                              4,045,396.00
Amy Klobouchar $                              2,537,808.00
Andrew Yang $                              2,091,123.00

Donald Trump is dominating spending on Facebook. It is slightly ironic that the two Democrats who are spending the most money on Facebook are the two candidates who have been the most hostile toward the company.

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