Voter Turnout Update 2-11-2020

As a service, we are going to start providing consistent updates of voter turnout in Orange County (Los Angeles, San Diego, Riverside, and San Bernardino do not provide updates). This information is courtesy of the Orange County Registrar of Voters:

39th Congressional District*Cisneros1,036523254631,876
45th Congressional DistrictPorter1,4817444211242,770
46th Congressional DistrictCorrea461402164421,069
47th Congressional District*Lowenthal48033813033981
48th Congressional DistrictRouda1,7019194711053,196
49th Congressional District*Levin171875515328
29th Senate District*Chang1,295707312822,396
37th Senate DistrictMoorlach2,1431,0886271754,033
55th Assembly District*Chen661278149391,127
65th Assembly DistrictQuirk-Silva693492183471,415
68th Assembly DistrictChoi1,000353274881,715
69th Assembly DistrictDaly1812439019533
72nd Assembly DistrictDiep979577262571,875
73rd Assembly DistrictBrough682339186451,252
74th Assembly DistrictPetrie-Norris1,134731351872,303
1st Supervisorial DistrictDo445430185381,098
3rd Supervisorial DistrictWagner1,181462326962,065
*Portion of District Outside of OC

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