Endorsements Grid: All Senate Districts in Orange County

As a service to voters, we are providing a grid of what we consider to be a pretty good list of organizations (from all sides of the aisle) and who they have endorsed in the March 3rd primary election. If a candidate received none of the endorsements in the grid, they are not included (even though they will still appear on the ballot).

This is the next post in our series of endorsement grids. Last week, we posted an endorsement grid for OC Congressional Districts. We are hoping to finish posting grids this week for Assembly, County, and Board of Education.

Here is the grid:

29th DistrictLing Ling ChangJosh Newman
OC Register  
Lincoln ClubYes 
Atlas PACYes 
Craig Huey’s Election ForumYes 
Craig Alexander’s Picks  
Kathy’s Picks  
Robyn Nordell’s PicksYes 
Informed Parents of OCYes 
OC Congress of Republicans  
OC Tax  
OC Labor Fed Yes
Planned Parenthood Yes
37th DistrictDave MinJohn MoorlachKatrina Foley
OC Register   
Lincoln Club Yes 
Atlas PAC Yes 
CRA Yes 
Craig Huey’s Election Forum Yes 
Craig Alexander’s Picks Yes 
Kathy’s Picks Yes 
Robyn Nordell’s Picks Yes 
Informed Parents of OC Yes 
OC Congress of Republicans   
OC Tax   
OC Labor Fed  Yes
Planned Parenthood   
OC GOP is Republican Party of Orange County, DPOC is Democratic Party of Orange County, OC Register is the Orange County Register (Newspaper), CRA is California Republican Assembly, CWLA is California Women’s Leadership Association, OC Tax is Orange County Taxpayers Association, OCBC is Orange County Business Council, CTA is the California Teachers Association (or a local affiliate), OC Labor Fed is the Orange County Labor Federation (AFL-CIO).

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