Public-Private Partnerships Alive & Well (Spotlight on Tustin)

This post is mostly intended to highlight two of our authors Jim Palmer & Austin Lumbard. They are both doing great things in an effort to help out in their community and proving the importance of municipalities partnering with private entities on occasion.

In the effort of full disclosure, CEC Consulting is working on the campaign of Jim Palmer who is running for OC Board of Education in Trustee Area 1.

To give a bit of background, the City of Tustin had an unfortunate incident take place last week (Chatham Village Apartments Fire). In the aftermath, many people lost their home as well as much needed items (clothes, toiletries, etc…).

The City of Tustin would obviously like to find a way to help out their residents who have been displaced and have lost their material goods. Instead of creating a new public agency to help out these residents, the City of Tustin instead partnered with the Tustin Community Foundation and the Orange County Rescue Mission to help out these affected residents. In the above picture, you will see Tustin Councilman Austin Lumbard and Orange County Rescue Mission President Jim Palmer organizing and handing out items to Tustin residents who were affected by the fire.

If you are aware of a public-private partnership that is having a positive impact in your community, let us know. We would love to start posting more about the effective relationships that exist between public and private sector entities.

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