Reviewing Nevada

I was tempted to go to Nevada and follow the election results from The Venetian. The only two problems with this plan is that I would get none of my required work done and I would likely just gamble and not actually look at the election results. Since I am home in California, I was able to watch the returns and now give a breakdown of where the candidates stand.

The delegate count after Nevada is:

Bernie Sanders- 31 Delegates
Pete Buttigieg- 22 Delegates
Joe Biden- 8 Delegates
Elizabeth Warren- 8 Delegates
Amy Klobuchar- 7 Delegates

Here is a look at how each county in Nevada voted:

Bernie Sanders (Green) 40.7% of the vote
Joe Biden 19.7% of the vote
Pete Buttigieg (Yellow) 17.1% of the vote
Elizabeth Warren 11.2% of the vote
Amy Klobuchar 6.7% of the vote
Tom Steyer (Orange) 4.0% of the vote

Sanders is definitely on a roll but we saw Joe Biden start to show some signs of life. If Joe Biden does well in the next primary, this could be a very interesting race on Super Tuesday. We also will see Michael Bloomberg joining the field very soon.

Next stop South Carolina on 2-29.

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