Post South Carolina Analysis: Buttigieg and Steyer Drop Out

South Carolina is in the books and we saw a major shakeup in the race to be the Democratic nominee. Leaving the race after spending a ton of money and setting dancing back 20 years is Tom Steyer. Also, after poor performances since Iowa, Pete Buttigieg has announced that he is dropping out of the race.

The big winner of this election for the Democrats was Joe Biden. Sweeping every county in the state, Biden now finds himself back in the hunt to be the nominee.

The delegate count after South Carolina is:

Bernie Sanders- 58 Delegates
Joe Biden- 54 Delegates
Pete Buttigieg- 26 Delegates
Elizabeth Warren- 8 Delegates
Amy Klobuchar- 7 Delegates
Tom Steyer- 2 Delegates

Here is a look at how each county in South Carolina voted (notice that the entire state is filled in with blue coloring):

Joe Biden (Blue) 48.4% of the vote
Bernie Sanders 19.9% of the vote
Tom Steyer 11.3% of the vote
Pete Buttigieg 8.3% of the vote
Elizabeth Warren 7.1% of the vote

Depending on how Michael Bloomberg does on Super Tuesday, this appears to be a three person race between Biden, Sanders, and Bloomberg.

Next stop Super Tuesday on 3-3.

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