Super Tuesday Review

This will constitute our federal review of Super Tuesday. It will include delegate counts for the Democratic primary as well as any newsworthy races in the state. If you would like to read our post on Southern California specific races click here on Thursday – when final tallies are projected.

Tuesday Delegate Counts:
Biden (351) Bernie (280) (Warren (28) Bloomberg(12)

California Delegate Count:
  • Bernie –  147 Delegates (33.6%)
  • Biden –  88 Delegates (24.9%)
  • Bloomberg – 0 Delegates (14.3%)

California remains too early to call. Bloomberg sits just below the viability threshold but could be awarded delegates if he pulls out a miracle in the late votes. If he doesn’t surge late here, expect his candidacy to end soon. Additional notable races will be published tomorrow.

Vermont Delegate Count:
  • Bernie – 11 Delegates (50.7%)
  • Biden –  5 Delegates (22%)

As projected, Bernie Sanders took his home state by storm. With 99% of precincts reporting, no other candidate will come near the viability threshold needed for delegates.

Colorado Delegate Count:
  • Bernie – 19 Delegates (36.3%)
  • Biden –  10 Delegates (24.3%)
  • Bloomberg – 8 Delegates  (19.4%)
  • Warren – 3 Delegates (17.5%)

Colorado is no longer a caucus system, which likely benefited Bloomberg this cycle. The Democratic elecotrate seems split evenly between moderate and progressive wings of the party.

Utah Delegate Count:
  • Bernie – 9 Delegates (34.6%)
  • Bloomberg – 2 Delegates (16.9%)
  • Biden – 1 Delegate (17.1%)

Bernie took Utah by storm and will likely continue amassing delegates in the state as the rest of the results pour in.

Minnesota Delegate Count:
  • Biden – 37 Delegates (38.6%)
  • Sanders–  26 Delegates (29.9%)
  • Warren –  10 delegates (15.4%)

Minnesota swung well for Joe after the Klobuchar endorsement. However, the 41,752 votes were still cast for the Senator from Minnesota, even as she is no longer in the race. That’s an additional 5 delegates that could have expanded Biden’s lead.

Alabama Delegate Count:
  • Biden – 37 Delegates (63.2%)
  • Bernie – 7 Delegates (16.6%)

Alabama, with only democratic delegate recipients seems boring, but the real interest is in the Senate race. A runoff will be required as Tommy Tuberville, Auburn football coach will be facing off for the Republican nomination with Jeff Sessions, who is trying to retake his old seat. Judge Roy Moore, who handed the seat to Doug Jones last cycle, ran again recieving only 6.9% percent of the vote. Expect this seat to flip red in November.

North Carolina Delegate Count:
  • Biden – 61 Delegates (43.0%)
  • Sanders –  33 Delegates (24.1%)

North Carolina was a mirror image of South Carolina. Biden’s moderate firewall has held. Bloomberg hovers just under the 15% ratio and with 10% of precincts having yet to report. If the gods of chaos are willing, Bloomberg could still pull off a miracle and receive a delegate.

Virginia Delegate Count:
  • Biden – 37 Delegates (38.6%)
  • Sanders –  30 Delegates (23.1%)
  • Warren –  1 Delegate (10.8%).

Biden won the state handily as Bernie only captured a majority in one county. Even worse, Warren walked away with just a single delegate.

Maine Delegate Count:
  • Biden – 8 Delegates (34.0%)
  • Sanders –  8 Delegates (32.9%)
  • Warren –  2 Delegates (15.8%)

One of the tightest races of the evening, Biden is ahead by only 3,000 votes with 6% of precincts still to report. He has however been declared the winner even though he and Sanders will likely walk away with the same amount of delegates. Warren plays spoiler here taking 2 delegates away from Bernie and letting Biden use this to claim Maine in his ten state win on Super Tuesday.

Oklahoma Delegate Count:
  • Biden – 18 Delegates (38.7%)
  • Sanders –  12 Delegates (25.4%)
  • Bloomberg –  1 Delegate (13.9%)
Massachusetts Delegate Count:
  • Biden – 33 Delegates (33.4%)
  • Sanders –  28 Delegates (26.7%)
  • Warren –  18 Delegate (21.6%)

A small state with a big impact, it provided Warren with her only real handful of delegates of the night. She didn’t get the win though, as Biden walked away the frontrunner.

Texas Delegate Count:
  • Biden – 56 Delegates (34.3%)
  • Sanders –  47 Delegates (29.9%)
  • Bloomberg – 1 Delegate (14.7%)
  • Warren –  1 Delegate (11.3%)

Texas, the second largest prize of the night went to Biden, but Sanders didn’t lose the state by much. Biden dominated counties on the East and central portions of the state, while the west side swung for Sanders.

Tennessee Delegate Count:
  • Biden – 28 Delegates (41.7%)
  • Sanders –  15 Delegates (25.0%)
  • Bloomberg –  6 Delegate (15.4%)

Tennessee awaded quite a few delegates to the moderate wing as Biden and Bloomberg both walked away with significant representation.

Arkansas Delegate Count:
  • Biden – 15 Delegates (40.4%)
  • Sanders –  9 Delegates (22.4%)
  • Bloomberg –  4 Delegates (16.7%)

Arkansas is another state that swung heavily for the moderate wing of the party. Less than a third of Democrats in the state voted for Sanders and Warren combined.

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