Primary Overview

One week after the Super Tuesday, Biden’s momentum has him in the delegate lead. The following is a brief overview on tonight’s races.

Michigan Primaries

The largest amount of delegates up for grabs tonight, Michigan is the race to watch. 147 delegates overall – 125 of whom should be pledged by the end of the evening.

Recent polling shows Biden’s favorabilty has spiked since his 10 day old moderate coalition assembled. If polling is any indicator, expect Biden to blow out the Sanders camp by 20+ points.

On the reverse side, Sanders won Michigan in 2016.


The “gem state” offers another opportunity for Biden to amass delegates. 80% of the 25 delegates will be given to the winner of tonights primary. Joe has a small lead over Sanders and has yet to drop below 50% in recent polls.

Sanders won Idaho in 2016.


It’s not as generous as Michigan, but Missouri will hand sign over 68 of their 78 delegates to Biden tonight. No question.

North Dakota Democratic Caucuses

14 of 18 delegates are pledged to tonights winner. This will be a test – though not a hard one – of Biden’s energy. If his supporters are less energetic, expect his lead to shrink, but there is no way he loses the state. The alarms should go off for Biden’s campaign if he wins by any less than 10 points.

Sanders won North Dakota against Clinton in 2016.


The closest race for the evening, and likely the only one Sanders has a real possibility of winning. Swayable polling has the two frontrunners almost dead even in the hyper blue state.

Flashback: 2016 Sanders destroyed Clinton with 72.7% of the vote. Tonight will be a test of whether Sanders won that contest, or whether Clinton lost it.


36 of 41 delegates are up for grabs this evening. Biden was hovering around 50% even before many of the other candidates dropped out. This may be the biggest blowout of the night.

Expect a big night for the former VP.

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