OC’s Health Officer: All Non-Essential Public & Private Gatherings Suspended for 14 Days

On Tuesday, March 17th, Dr. Nicole Quick, Orange County’s Health Officer issued a press release announcing all public and private gatherings suspended until at least March 31st.

“We are taking mitigation steps in line with the directive issued by Governor Newsome” noted Dr. Quick in her press release. These restrictions are subject to change as the situation evolves.

This order explicitly suspends all gatherings at places of work except if a workplace falls under one or more of the exemptions summed up here.


  1. Government offices “providing for the health, safety or welfare of the public.”
  2. Healthcare workers and essential administration.
  3. First responders, and essential criminal or civil justice personnel.
  4. Any store selling groceries and/or supplies essential to sanitation of residences.
  5. Food cultivation.
  6. Any organization that supplies goods or services to the economically disadvantaged.
  7. Media outlets (ie. radio, tv, newspapers).
  8. Gas Stations, auto supply or auto repair.
  9. Banks and financial institutions.
  10. Hardware stores.
  11. Any service provider servicing residences(ie. plumbers, exterminators, electricians).
  12. Mailing and shipping services.
  13. Educational institutions – provided that either social distancing or remote learning is in process.
  14. Laundromats and dry cleaners.
  15. Restaurants – provided they offer only drive through or carry out services.
  16. Any business that makes it easier for the rest of the population to work from home.
  17. Product suppliers for other businesses.
  18. Businesses that ship or deliver groceries, supplies, or other goods directly to residential addresses.
  19. Airlines, Taxis, and transportation.
  20. Home based caregivers.
  21. Residential facilities.
  22. Professional services like legal and accounting, provided they are used only in necessary compliance situations.
  23. Childcare facilities provided: children stay in small groups and do not change groups; the groups are separated by a room; and the provider stays with one group.

You can read the rest of the order by clicking here.

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