CLEO is Here to Help

This article is authored by Mari Barke. Mari is President of the Orange County Board of Education and Director of CLEO, California Policy Center.

Congratulations to our newly elected officials and candidates that made it through the March Primary. 

California always has its share of challenges, but these are particularly challenging times for local leaders, whether you are newly elected or a seasoned office holder. 

Our cities and counties infrastructure will likely be under a lot of pressure right now. We want to help you navigate through these difficult times as well as everyday issues through a resource called “CLEO”.

CLEO (California Local Elected Officials) is part of the California Policy Center (CPC). CLEO is a free, membership-based organization that supports local elected officials and local leaders throughout California – in school districts, city councils, and county boards. We exist to help officials create greater prosperity for all Californians. We do this by focusing on three principles: transparency, financial sustainability and freedom. We have over 750 members across California.

CLEO is funded entirely by generous contributors to the California Policy Center, men and women who see real hope for California’s future. There’s no obligation in joining. CLEO demands nothing. We’re here to help you learn how other local elected leaders and officials are dealing with Main Street problems. We will make sure you have access to our monthly conference calls, receive our regular e-newsletter, notify you about free regional training/networking events in your community, and take your calls for advice or feedback.

Having CLEO “on call” might have an answer or solution in a time of need. 

We have monthly conference calls that you can tune in the second Tuesday of the month from 12:15 to 12:45. Coming up in April, we have Doris Gentry, a councilmember from Napa, who will be discussing – how to get elected by focusing on the issues. Then in May, we have Will O’Neill, Newport Beach Mayor, discussing pensions. In June, we have Greg Rolen, special counsel to OCBE, discussing County Board of Education budget authority and more. 

We would like to encourage you to visit our website and check out our policy briefs, read some of our sample reforms and you can catch up on any monthly calls you may have missed.

If you would like to join simply click here.

If you would like additional information, please check out our website – calocalelectedofficials.org or feel free to email or call me at mari@calpolicycenter.org or 714-745-7513. 

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