Westminster Recall Fails

Amid all of our other election analysis posts, some may have forgotten that today was election day in Westminster. We posted about this race, a few weeks back when discussing a couple of upcoming recall elections.

Typically, recall elections are successful. The reason for this is a mentality of the average voter that if someone is up for recall, they must have done something wrong. The attempted recall of Yorba Linda Councilmembers Craig Young and Tom Lindsey in 2014 was the most recent recall to fail (to the best of my knowledge) in Orange County.

A couple of unique perspectives on the Westminster recall (we will be doing a more in-depth analysis at a later date) would include Covid-19. People are obviously concerned about things that are weighing more heavily than a recall election. With a 24 hour news cycle talking about nothing but the virus, the recall was buried in the news. Additionally, this election was a mail-in ballot only and that would also likely dissuade the average voter from turning out to vote. With voter turnout suppressed, it is less likely for the recall to pass.

Mayor Tri Ta, Councilmember Kimberly Ho, and Councilmember Chi Charlie Nguyen were all up for recall and the recalls failed in all three races. In addition to the recall elections, an additional race to replace the candidates was on the ballot (this only mattered if the recall passed). Here are the early results for all of the races:

Shall Tri Ta be recalled from the office of Mayor?

Yes- 40.34%
No- 59.66%

Candidates to succeed Tri Ta:

Tai Do- 57.76%
Christopher Ochoa- 34.92%
Phat Vu- 7.32%

Shall Kimberly Ho be recalled from the office of City Council Member?

Yes- 42.31%
No- 57.69%

Candidates to succeed Kimberly Ho:

Carlos Manzo- 36.57%
Mark Lawrence- 24.87%
Frank Tran- 13.37%
Tam Do- 11.67%
Samantha Bao Anh Nguyen- 8.44%
Khai Dao- 5.07%

Shall Chi Charlie Nguyen be recalled from the office of City Council Member?

Yes- 42.00%
No- 58.00%

Candidates to succeed Chi Charlie Nguyen:

Jamison Power- 85.83%
Cu Tran- 14.17%

We are now on our way to the recall election in Santa Ana. This race is set to take place on May 19th.

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