Beachfront Congressman Harley Rouda Critiques Beachgoers from the Beach

Rep. Rouda doesn’t trust the people of his district to go out in the sun. Or does he? The beachfront Congressman’s tune seems to shift whether or not he is enjoying his air-conditioned mansion or the pristine beachfront.

As re-election looms for the freshman congressperson, it makes sense why he is tough to nail down on the issue.

On one hand, Rep. Rouda has consistently critiqued those local elected officials prone to reopening wherever possible during the COVID-19 outbreak, even going after Supervisor Michelle Steel for wearing a mask during a Board of Supervisors meeting. Its not coincidence that she is the Republican nominee for his seat in November.

Rouda has consistently called the move to open beaches reckless.

His reckless comments came to an end however when he was caught on camera enjoying the waterfront for himself. His excuse: he was social distancing – so it’s okay.

In the days to follow the Representative’s campaign has made a shaky 180 on the topic, praising select cities for opening responsibly and even calling beaches “essential spaces.”

“Our beaches and local economies cannot remain vacant and shuttered until a vaccine is developed.” Rouda’s campaign said.

Rep. Rouda is up for re-election in November. While the 48th district is projected to lean democratic, voter registration in the district favors the Republican party.

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  1. Congressman Rouda – another hypocrite. And my guess is he is silent on the allegations against Joe Biden too.


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